Podia Tabletop Displays Help Make it the Most Wonderful Time of Year

As hard as it might be to believe, the holidays are here once again, and that means Podia tabletop displays are here to help you show off holiday specials and deals. The sleek, eye-catching design of Podia provides businesses with a sure-fire way to help their customers, both regular and new, find all the new […]

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Leave Reminders for Sanitation with Podia Tabletop Displays

If your business has public areas that see a lot of foot traffic, Podia tabletop displays can be a great way to share sanitation reminders with guests to your business to help keep everyone healthy. We still haven’t gotten past outbreaks of COVID, and, with news of other viruses on the rise and flu season […]

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Podia Provides Tabletop Signage All Over the Country

Podia can provide tabletop signage whether you are a bar owner, restaurant owner, or the owner of any other business that can benefit from having information put in an easy-to-use signage system. The perfect addition for open horizontal spaces such as end tables, coffee tables, bars, and more, Podia helps business owners all over the […]

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Test Signage with a Free Sample of Podia Displays

When you need a way to display information easily, Podia displays can be the perfect solution. Manufactured to provide tabletop signage solutions to businesses that wish to inform visitors or guests, Podia is easy to use, durable enough to last a lifetime, and versatile to suit your needs. We at Podia know that some may […]

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Custom color or printed Podia display bases

Create Quality Custom Tabletop Signage Displays with Podia

When you need quality tabletop signage displays that can be made how you want them, Podia tabletop displays offer the perfect solution. Capable of being modified in a variety of ways that can really make them fit your business, Podia can help you get information to your target audience in an effective way that ties […]

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Bring in a Fresh Wave of Seasonal Dining with Podia Displays

Many of us have gotten tired of sitting inside and are ready to make our way to our favorite family restaurants, fine dining, and more, and these establishments can prepare for an influx of people with Podia displays. As vaccines start to roll out for COVID, and businesses start recovering back to normal, we are […]

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Limited Menus Call for Podia Tabletop Displays

Because some products have been limited while COVID still runs its course, restaurants can benefit from Podia tabletop displays to show new limited menu items as sit-down locations reopen. We recently reopened restaurants for sit-down eating here in Michigan, and that means that your business can display your in-restaurant policies or new menu options while […]

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Direct Students in Classrooms Using Podia Displays

When you have young students that are coming into a classroom for the first time, Podia displays can be a great tool to help guide them to where things are within the classroom. Little ones may be nervous in their first few years of education, and you can help guide them to different areas of […]

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Libraries Utilize Horizontal Signage to Guide Guests

If your public library has been thinking lately on ways to more easily guide guests through the shelves, a great solution for your space can be horizontal signage provided by Podia. Designed to be great for horizontal hanging use as well as tabletop use, the effective shell of Podia displays will help you to hold […]

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Reception Desks Provide Info with Ease Using Podia Signage Displays

Whether your front desk is situated inside of an hotel, the entrance of a public museum, or any other location that has a reception area, Podia signage displays can give you a great way to give out information to visitors with ease. Designed to perfectly work in any setting, the customizable signage shell that Podia […]

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