Here are two ways our design team can help you to start using Podia Image Capsules. The first (A) describes how, for a minimal charge, you can quickly have inserts designed especially for you. The second (B) touches on more complete services available. In any case, fill out the form at the bottom to begin the process.

A – The Basics and How to Get Started

First, browse through actual customer insert layouts, created by our design team, for new and different ideas. Some examples are shown here and in our Gallery. Since many of our Podia Image Capsules have been purchased for restaurant use, we’ll use these as examples of our Custom Insert Design Service. But, whether your business is for hospitality, service organizations, manufacturing firms, retail business or virtually any other organization, as well as home use, we’ll help you make your messages/images captivating and persuasive.

Have an exciting event in the works? Want to promote a specialty drink or suggest a new menu item? Podia offers customers an eye-catching, arms-reach, point-of-purchase impact for the full extent of their meal. Is your restaurant planning to feature an expanded wine list or add an amazing new dish to the menu? If so, Podia displays are a one-stop, all-encompassing solution to achieve increased sales! See our Case Studies in the Learn section for a few ideas and support for the effectiveness of Podia.

The great thing about Podia is being able to create your own images quickly and easily. But, if you don’t have a designer on staff (or at home!) Podia has you covered. Our in-house Consort design team will work with you to create an effective, visually-appealing tabletop display. Whether a low-key, casual promotion or a high-octane event, our team can work in a range of styles.

  • AllRumDrinks
  • BloodyMary
  • DetroitLions
  • HappyThanksgiving
  • KidsEatFree

The Cost of Our Design & Printing Services

To keep it simple, we charge $25.00 per new insert design for a standard project, which is for one-sided, two-column 8.5” x 11” standard paper, meant to be folded lengthwise. That includes up to one set of minor revisions after your review. We’ll suggest images from Adobe Stock Images (stock.adobe.com) and license those you select for your project at $4 each. Or, you can send us your own images – plus your logo, body copy and headlines and we’ll get to work. If you have a particular font style, tell us what it is or we’ll suggest fonts in our mock-up. We’ll send you the completed file to print locally, or for $1.00 per copy + postage Consort will print and send inserts off to you.

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for first design draft after we receive all your requirements. Then, if you require changes, the first change is at no cost. Subsequent changes are $10 each. After you approve the design, we’ll send immediately via email for you to print locally or if we are to print for you, we’ll ship same day or next day, depending on time of day. Rush orders are possible for an extra fee.

  • MichiganFootball
  • SupportAmberlyTigers
  • TurkeyDinner
  • WednesdayNightSpecials

More About the Stock.Adobe.Com Images

Visit the www.stock.adobe.com site to see all that is possible. These images are all available from Adobe for a small license fee. For our services described above, we’ll obtain the license(s) for the images you select and add that cost ($4/image) to your invoice. Once these images are licensed you may use them for only this purpose. Adobe has very strict rules about using images in commercial activities other than, say, use on Podia Image Capsules, which is covered under their Standard License. For questions about their License Agreement see the link at the bottom of their website.

Let’s Get Started!

To begin your custom insert design, tell us a little bit about your project by filling out the form below.

B – Additional, High-End Custom Design Services for Podia

We also offer high end, full-service custom graphic design and photography services for Podia inserts. Virtually everything on the Consort website has been designed by us, including most products, our own logos and marketing materials. Of course many custom banner images and graphics applied to our products are designs provide by the customer. But the rest is all us! Please contact us with your ideas/needs and we’ll offer you a project estimate – based on an hourly fee for ideation, design, layout, placing your text + photography (if needed). After final approval* we’ll provide both review and final production pdf files or print the inserts and deliver them directly to you.

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    Note: When we provide images either through our own resources or through our agreement with Adobe, the images remain the property of Consort. You may purchase exclusive rights for a nominal fee.

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