Podia’s versatility as a tabletop display or wall sign is due to its ability to be easily changed when new promotions, events or sales are announced. Using a single sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper, you can quickly change the display’s insert and, just like that, it becomes an entirely new promotion. From hotels and restaurants to museums and conference rooms… even kids’ rooms or vacation photos at home… it’s easy to see why Podia is the world’s most unique, versatile – and most preferred – message holder!


Hotel lobbies and other hospitality clients love Podia to quickly and elegantly address the ever-changing needs of their busy world.


The perfect use for Podia! Where durability is key and daily specials and targeted events will increase sales every time.


Inform your guests immediately at the table and have them ready to order from your proud offerings right when the server arrives.

Hotel Rooms

Increase the welcome to your guests right in the room and inform them of your unique services, such as spa and dining specials.

Fast Food

Even though your fast food guests have taken their items to the table, promote added sales with extra items, such as desserts and gift cards.

Retail Signage

Use Podia at the retail point-of-purchase as a strategic horizontal sign or tabletop sign iteming the features of products such as furniture or appliances.

Wall Signs

Podia as a wall sign is perfect for every office setting where names and titles can be changed. Add your logo and special look at literally no cost!

Special Events

Any special event… wine tastings, non-profit fundraisers, signs at trades shows (“drop your business card here!)… all easy and attention attracting.

Kids’ Rooms

Our favorite use! Youngsters can make their own room signs, whether it’s as cool as this example or it’s scribbles with crayons! They’ll love it!

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