Built originally for use in busy restaurants, Podia is made of strong polycarbonate. It is a unique two-sided sign holder that is perfect for showing menu specials and getting your message out in any area. Even better, you are able to create and print your own inserts on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. We invite you to learn about how durable and universal Podia is, both as a tabletop and as a wall sign.

“We love the Podia tabletop displays. Sleek and elegant way to communicate to our customers and much sturdier than old table tent solutions of the past!” -Ken Tsang

Podia tabletop museum display

Features and Benefits

• PODIA is a unique tabletop display and signage system designed specifically for the digital age.

• High tech, high visibility for every use

• 12″ (tall) x 4.5″ (wide) Scratch-resistant, indestructible, curved Polycarbonate capsule

• Fits letter size 8.5″ x 11″ paper folded lengthwise and inserted at the bottom

• Durable one-piece design made out of polycarbonate

• Standard dark gray base included; alternate base options available

• Base options snap on and are interchangeable

• Dishwasher safe

Podia tabletop display brewery
Podia display for theatre productions
Easy restaurant displays by Podia
Business sale signs made easy with Podia tabletop displays
Art Hop Podia display

Style & Versatility

Create an Indestructible Sign… using 8×5″ x 11″ Paper!


Design your own sign or select from our dynamic sign templates. Podia is a unique tabletop display and signage system designed specifically for today’s digital age. You have the power to update your tabletop signage as often as you like!

Podia can also be secured to walls for more display options.


The standard base for Podia now will automatically accommodate both tabletop and wall sign display, giving it infinite display options.

Podia offers optional bases such as Weighted, Magnetic and Hang-tab for display versatility.

Ideal for restaurants, offices, retail stores, wedding receptions, conferences, award ceremonies, trade shows and more.


Podia Tabletop Displays are durable, dishwasher safe, and allow for easy Do-It-Yourself printing to create beautiful displays!
Durable two-sided DIY sign display

“With regard to our Podia tabletops we have nothing but great things to say and would highly recommend them. Very sturdy (I don’t think we’ve had one break yet despite drops, etc.) Changing of the inserts is a breeze as well.” -Blue 32 Sports Grill

Podia Gallery

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