Podia Displays is dedicated to providing a product that works in all settings, and now is a time where it might be needed the most

Hand washing protocol-Podia

Free Templates to be used in these times where sanitation and cleanliness is so important

Be Safe Ideas

Be Safe Ideas – 2

Be Safe Ideas – 3

Be Safe Ideas – 4

Be Safe Ideas – 5 Temperature Check

Be Safe Ideas – 6 – Hand Sanitizing

Be Safe Ideas – 7 – Table Closed

Simply open the PDF file from the link below the design you like, print PDF, fold in half-lengthwise and insert into Podia, for your home and office setting needs. Information in regards to cleanliness and sanitation is more important then ever, Podia makes it easier to inform, and is Dishwasher safe. (When printing, make sure Portrait Orientation is enabled)

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