Does it really perfectly fit 8.5″x11″ paper ? No cutting ?

Correct, just fold lengthwise and insert into the bottom.


There is a special “lip” at the bottom, inner side of the base.

How do I design an insert for Podia?

It’s very easy. See the “Create your own inserts” under the “Learn” tab. You can use any graphics program and Microsoft word, as well. With MS Word, just use a two-column format with ¼ margins on the sides, top and bottom and a ½” gutter in the middle. Then insert text and images. Visit our Gallery for ideas.

Do you have ready-made templates for typical events and menu items?

Yes, see the “Products” tab and scroll to “Podia Insert Templates”.

Will you design inserts for us?

Yes, just contact your sales representative for specific information. Under the “Products” tab, click on “Custom Insert Design Service”. You can send us your ideas, logos, text, whatever you have and tell us what you’re looking for. If you don’t have much we can supply the rest for various fees depending on the project. We then either send you the file to have you print locally or we can print and mail the actual templates. Visit our Gallery for ideas.

Is the paper easy to get out?

Yes, but not so easy that it just falls out. You’ll see that if you use standard 8.5’ x 11” paper it’s a perfect fit but allows simple and quick changes.

How can these also be “wall signs”?

Molded into each base (as of June 1, 2016) is a wall hang tab automatically making every new Podia after that date a super wall sign that is easier to change that an any other sign we can think of, and still be cool and sophisticated! Note: prior to June 1, a separate Wall Hang Base had to be supplied, at extra cost. How about that, a product improvement that is less costly than the original.

If this is used at a restaurant table will people mess with the paper?

We have never actually heard of that as an issue and we have over 100,000 of these in use in all sorts of elegant as well as rambunctious places!

Is it really unbreakable?

Yes, it is. Some of our videos on this website shows how durable it is. If, however, you find a way to break one (not on purpose!), we’ll replace it but we need know how it happened.

Why is it so durable?

It’s polycarbonate plastic – think Tervis Tumblers and lenses for Automobile headlights – and the clear capsule is molded in one solid operation, meaning no glue or welds. The difference between polycarbonate and acrylic is that if you drop both, the polycarbonate is the one that will not be broken. The polycarbonate base easily snaps on but is not meant to be removed by the customer.

Is it waterproof? What’s the best way to clean it?

Yes, it’s waterproof. Podia is made from the same type of polycarbonate plastic that is used for the famous Tervis Tumblers and other restaurant-quality plastic glassware. Pōdia can be washed with a mild detergent and will even withstand the dishwasher although water spots may be a challenge in the inner capsule due to the fact that it’s rather skinny. We suggest using microfiber cloths to clean and dry to help maintain a bright, shiny capsule. Windex and ammonia-based cleaners are to be avoided. Simple soap and water is the best.

Is the 11” tall size the only size you offer?

Yes, that’s it. Perfect for 8.5” x 11” paper, folded lengthwise. Several years ago we offered a mode that was 8.5” tall but that has been discontinued.

Are all the bases grey?

The stock bases are grey. We offer custom colors at an extra cost for orders of 50 or more. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Can I paint the stock bases on my own?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend Krylon® “Fusion for Plastic” spray paint for maximum durability. Just spray the bases separately from the image capsule, let cure and snap them on the capsule. Simple and easy. Or, we can do this for you at additional cost.

Can logos and messages be imprinted on the base?

Yes, the flat part on each side of the base is perfect for imprinting with pad printing equipment. You can have both sides imprinted or just one. Contact your sales representative for options and costs.

Did you once make a different version that had the paper load from the top and then had a separate top plastic piece?

Yes, that was our product. We discontinued that after designing the current unbreakable version that loads from the bottom.

Have you sold many of these displays?

Yes, we’ve lost count but we’ve sent well over 100,000 units lovingly out into the world, mostly in the hospitality world but many to almost every other possible signage use. To drop a few names there are various locations of Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Hyatt Place, Marriott, Harvard Dinning Services and others in that genre. The latest more popular use has been with brew pubs, which spring up every day somewhere. The pubs are using them to list their daily brews at the table with descriptions so that the patron is ready with his/her next selection by the time the server arrives. Very efficient! Also, these are super wall signs. Read our case studies under the ”Learn” tab.

How are they used as wall signs?

Anywhere you need a room or directional sign, Podia is ideal. The whole idea is easily changed, durable signs so, for example, banquets and special meetings are made even more special by putting the bride and grooms name on them, corporate logos for company events, and welcoming names for visitors to a conference and so on. Want a special gift to a favorite kid in your life, how about a wall sign for their room and they design and produce it?! How about restroom wall signs for your restaurant with your logo? They make really nice office signs for your entire company, using your logo and color scheme etc. All done easily and inexpensively.

Is the Podia product patented?

Yes, US Patent #7930847

What other bases do you offer?

Besides the standard tabletop/wall hang model, we have Weighted Bases, Magnetic Bases and Slatwall bases. The Weighted Base is the second most popular base and is especially nice outside where the wind is a bit breezy and also at rambunctious bars and grills, where anything can happen. It’s still unbreakable, even with the extra weight.

The Magnetic base is preferred for outdoor and indoor metal tables and other metal surfaces (not aluminum). The Magnetic Base was original developed for horizontal signage at places like Sam’s Club and other industrial uses.

The Slatwall base will fit most retail slatwall dimensions for changeable horizontal signs.

Please let us know what other questions you have .

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