Warranty Policy

Consort  warrants to you, the original purchaser, that for stated warranty terms, Consort  will replace any Podia which is defective. The warranty period begins on the date the product is received and is valid for 1 year.   Proof of purchase is required to make a claim.

Proper Care

While Podia is exceptionally durable, proper care and use are essential to prolonging its usable life and preserving any rights under the warranty.   Never use harsh detergents, abrasives or cleaning agents.   For best results, do not put Podia in the dishwasher.  Standard dishwashers will not harm Podia under normal conditions, but the rinse cycle may result in spotting.  Use only a soft cloth and mild dish soap.  Dry immediately to avoid water spots or pitting.

 Limitations and Exclusions

The following are excluded under the warranty:

  • Improper care – Proper care and use are essential to preserving any rights under this warranty. The use of harsh detergents, abrasives or harsh cleaning agents will void the warranty.
  • Temperature – Podia can be cracked or damaged at very extreme temperatures. Optimal display is between 40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This warranty does not cover damages resulting from negligence, abuse, normal wear & tear or accidents, including burning, scratches, scuffs, watermarks.

Filing a Claim

Standard Consort Terms & Conditions of Sale apply.  The product should be inspected immediately upon receipt.  Consort must be notified immediately of any product quality or quantity dispute.  If the product fails during the course of normal use during the first year following delivery, the buyer must contact Consort to request relief under warranty.  Failure to notify Consort of any dispute or of damaged goods within these time parameters shall constitute a complete waiver of any such disputes.

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