Horizontal Signage can Boost Holiday Sales

All companies around the holiday season like to try to compete with each other for sales, and, with horizontal signage from Podia, your advertising will be hard to miss. Serving as a guide to all your holiday shoppers this Black Friday and beyond, Podia can be the perfect solution to getting new and returning buyers […]

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Podia changeable table top signs

Why Podia Tabletop Displays are Great for Hotels

Whether we realize it or not, most places can benefit from Podia tabletop displays, and hotels are no exception. Almost everywhere uses signage of some variety, and the quality of signage used matters. Being used daily and handled frequently, the Podia tabletop display is virtually indestructible and made to last. If you manage a hotel […]

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Retail Displays Boost Bookstore Sales

The Podia Image Capsule from Consort gives your bookstore retail signage that can improve the look of your store, direct customers, and make the whole process of sales faster. With the ability to be easily changed, your displays can be moved around to whatever you need for your store. The versatility, durability, and customizable nature […]

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Breweries Benefit from Podia Tabletop Displays

Podia’s tabletop displays are the perfect addition to any table at your brewery. We have supplied restaurants, retail stores, and hotels to great success. The most important thing for your podia tabletop display is that it sits in an area that is highly trafficked, and a table or at the bar in a brewery is […]

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Advertise Summer Events with Podia Tabletop Displays

With warmer weather here, summer events are happening almost every week, and you can display these events best with Podia tabletop displays. No matter where you’re at, with Podia tabletop displays, you can inform people of all the latest happenings in your neighborhood, city, or county. If you are a business owner and want to […]

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Get Informed with a Podia Tabletop Display

Everyone likes special events, and there’s no better way to advertise for them than with tabletop displays from Podia. Pamphlets can sit on tables, flyers can be tacked onto boards, but nothing quite catches the eye of a passerby like the bold presence of a Podia tabletop display. If you want to catch the gaze […]

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Horizontal Podia Displays are Your Ticket to Successful Marketing

When you are in the business of retail, there is one thing that can drastically improve your sales, and that’s retail signage. When customers walk the aisles of your store, you want them to be able to find all your sales, products, and promotions as easily as possible, and retail signage using Podia displays is […]

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4 Reasons why Our Podia Tabletop Displays are so Awesome in Restaurants

When you’re shopping for tabletop displays for your restaurant, you want a product that makes your work life easier. Which product will stand up to the rigors of working with the public, will increase productivity, and is easy to work with? Podia is! Here are the top four reasons to choose our tabletop displays. Durable. […]

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Hotels Increase Use of Guest Services with Podia Tabletop Displays

When hotels invest in Podia Tabletop Displays, they see an increase in guests using services available through their business. Restaurants, retail outlets, spa packages; make sure your guests have the information they need to enjoy all of the features of your hotel. From the check-in counter, to the room itself, Podia displays advertise valuable information […]

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Feedback on Podia Tabletop Displays

Podia is the unique, double-sided sign holder that can act as a tabletop display or as wall-mounted signage. Made of long-lasting polycarbonate, our displays are built to endure even the roughest conditions. It’s virtually indestructible. From countertop displays offering services in the hospitality industry to point-of-purchase promotions in restaurants and bars, Podia displays are widely […]

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Podia Tabletop Display and Its Most Common Uses

Podia Tabletop Display is a unique polycarbonate capsule that holds an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper that can be designed and printed yourself! The capsule extremely durable and dishwasher safe, making it a very popular item in the hospitality industry. Although Podia is very versatile and can be used in many ways, it […]

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Podia Table Displays at Food Dance Restaurant

Helpful Tips to Increase Restaurant Sales with Podia Tabletop Displays

Podia tabletop display is a unique image capsule and wall sign. Although the display is easy to use, there are a few helpful tips that help increase a restaurants sale. A common mistake, that is made in restaurant settings, is to set the display next to the condiments. However, this decreases the odds of the customer having […]

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Make Beer Selection Easier With a Tabletop Beer Menu

Are your waiters currently reciting a long list of beers when patrons ask what your bar offers? Do you have to spend time teaching every employee this list? More importantly, if your employees struggle to remember every beer you offer… how can your customers be expected to do the same? If so, you’re missing an […]

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Podia display for major fast food chain

A True Story about Super Podia Tabletop Display and Podia Classic

Here’s a quick story that made us laugh out loud! Podia image capsules are engineered to be tough… to withstand the rigors of daily use in high traffic areas. And, as you’ve likely seen, we have a number of videos on our website that showcase the durability of our Podia table displays. We’ve driven cars […]

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Why Podia Is the Best Retail Display Option in the Business

When it comes to finding the right retail displays for your business, there are a number of factors to consider. What kind of conditions will your displays be placed in? How often are you going to repurpose and reuse your retail displays? Do the displays that you’re looking at have the ability to be adapted […]

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Podia tabletop display for Hotel signs

Welcome to the New Podia Website!

As you’ve surely noticed, we’ve revamped our website here at Podia! With the site designed to mirror our other new sites, we’re hoping that our customers enjoy a more consistent shopping experience and, more importantly, that it is easier for them to find the products that they need. In addition to the redesign, we’ve also […]

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