Creating inserts for the PODIA capsule is enjoyable and can actually be completed quickly. For example:

I created this restaurant design by pouring a glass of wine, (1) photographing the wine glass and a single table setting on a teak tabletop, (2) importing the images from my camera to a desktop computer.

Using an 11″x17″ sheet of paper. (3) I laid out a full bleed 8.5″x11″ design template. (4) Then placed my table setting/wine image, (5) added a font for the Three Sisters restaurant name and a small dingbat, (6) drew a box, bar and wave form, filled selected elements with warm red, (7) chose a second font for the headline and (8) drew the 8-point stars and filled them with white.

(9) Done.

(10) Print. Fold. Insert.

Ship. (a case of capsules with printed inserts to my client)


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