Everyone likes special events, and there’s no better way to advertise for them than with tabletop displays from Podia. Pamphlets can sit on tables, flyers can be tacked onto boards, but nothing quite catches the eye of a passerby like the bold presence of a Podia tabletop display. If you want to catch the gaze of your guests to inform them about special dates, events, or holidays, then Podia tabletop display will give you the vehicle you need to do it.

Custom inserts personalize your displays

Podia offers a design and printing service in case you don’t have the means to create a display of special events for yourself. After receiving all your requirements, and after 2-3 business days, your design is ready to go and ready to bring attention to all your special events. If you have a recognizable mascot or company logo, all the better! Use memorable parts of your company to help encourage people to learn more about your business and all its happenings. Also, if you require any changes, the first change comes at no cost!

Details matter

When designing your display and figuring out what content you might need, remember that details are important. You’ll want to make sure you list dates, times, price (if applicable), and if it’s needed, the recommended age for your special event. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to list everything out in a large, bold font with bright colors. Anything that you can suggest for us to add to your design to help it be noticed will ultimately help you and your event in the end.

From countertops to retail walls, Podia is the unique, indestructible sign holder that you need for all your advertisements. If you would like your high-traffic areas to display deals or upcoming events, contact Podia today and get started on your design!

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