As hard as it might be to believe, the holidays are here once again, and that means Podia tabletop displays are here to help you show off holiday specials and deals. The sleek, eye-catching design of Podia provides businesses with a sure-fire way to help their customers, both regular and new, find all the new things that their business offers with the holiday season.

Provided by the Consort Display Group, Podia tabletop displays have been the beneficial display stands for a variety of businesses here in the Midwest and across the U.S. The most wonderful time of year only comes once a year, and Podia helps every business make the most of it.

Insert messaging for each season

When thinking about signage for the holidays, it is important to select an option that is easy to work with and allows you to display your holiday information in a concise and noticeable way. Signage that is a hassle to work with can be more trouble than it’s worth. And, if the design of your signage doesn’t make a bold and noticeable statement, then it can often fall short of your expectations.

Podia tabletop displays are a great investment for the holiday season because they provide a way to share information with guests and customers that is temporary for the season. The simple, but effective design allows for any business owner to get out holiday information when needed, and quickly change it out to the next sale or important holiday special as necessary.

Move Podia tabletop displays where needed

Signage that has versatility in its use is an unmatched boon when it comes to advertising holiday deals. Any signage that is stuck to a single location falls into the problem of having minimal impact if the original location it is placed doesn’t work out. By comparison, versatile signage can allow you to move things around to try to have better results whenever necessary.

Podia tabletop displays offer signage that can be placed wherever you need. Whether a horizontal surface that Podia simply stands upon or a wall that Podia is mounted onto to stick out in an obvious way, the displaying options from Podia are seemingly endless. If you can imagine it, Podia can do it for you.

With simple control over the messaging that you use alongside them and the capability to be used wherever you need, Podia is the best choice for advertising holiday deals this season and beyond. Contact us today to learn more!

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