Podia offers versatile displays that can be used for any number of applications around your business. Useful for everything from restaurant menus and hotel information to hallway signage and more, these displays are durable and can be reused and repurposed for whatever information you need them to display, making them a great, cost-effective investment. In today’s post, we will discuss the numerous ways in which you can use podia displays to help with your business.

Podia Sign Holders Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

The best benefit of using Consort Podia Displays is that they can be placed almost anywhere. For restaurants, you can print a list of your current specials or promote a holiday party by placing these on the tables and bartops. Not only will your customers be able to clearly read the information in the display, but the plastic case acts as protection, keeping your inserts from being damaged or stained through food or drink spills. You can also secure them in place through the magnetic or weighted base options, giving them greater stability.

Wall-Mount Podia Sign Holders to Help Visitors Navigate Your Business

If you have a large building with many rooms, like a hospital, hotel, or office building, visitors trying to navigate the property and try finding the right room can have difficulty, especially during their first visit to the building. Podia displays are a perfect solution to help people find their way around. By mounting these displays on the walls in your building, you can convey messages with arrows leading people around. Not only can you set up sign identifying where to find bathrooms and elevators, but you can even mount one outside each door with a room number or other information, so people can clearly identify the rooms they are looking for. For office buildings, you can create new inserts, so if a new tenant moves in or out, you can easily make the necessary change without having to buy a new fixture.

From drink and lunch specials to event promotions, room numbers, and so much more, there is nearly no limit to the uses you can find for the versatile, durable podia displays. Bars, restaurants, hotels, libraries…businesses of all sorts can take advantage of these display fixtures for any number of applications. You can even use them for large parties like wedding receptions, family reunions, or any other function where you need signage to direct your guests. Contact us for more information about how these podia displays can benefit you and your business.

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