For any dining experience, presentation is almost as important as the food itself. The way that you set expectations for the food you offer will influence key aspects of how a customer perceives their meal, such as:

  • The value they get for their money
  • How the food will taste
  • How much money they’re willing to spend

All in all, the way you present your menu can make a significant difference in both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. As a result, it makes sense that your menu should be carefully crafted in order to maximize both factors.

In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing three different ways you can use your podia tabletop display to elevate customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Advertise Daily Specials and Online Menus

Highlight daily specials, chef’s recommendations, or seasonal dishes with the help of our standing table displays. Our displays are naturally noticeable on a table without feeling obtrusive, encouraging customers to reach out, grab them, and pass them around.

Additionally, these displays are perfect for granting access to online menus. Simply print off a QR code and slide it into the display.  We recommend adding some menu essentials in with the QR code printout, as well as doing your best to make a pleasing design. Or contact us, and we’ll go ahead and make one for you.

Boost Café and Bistro Appeal

For cafes and bistros, tabletop displays are perfect for showcasing beverage menus, including various coffee blends, teas, and specialty drinks. On top of that, they work well to promote loyalty programs and any deals that your customers should be aware of.

Elevate Event Catering and Buffets

Podia tabletop displays are also preferred menus for events and event catering. At weddings and banquets, these displays are able to stand freely so guests can quickly see what’s on the menu at just a glance.

By the same token, Podia displays are also great for buffets and buffet-style service of food. Podia displays are an elegant way to designate different food stations, dietary restrictions, courses, and options. Moreover, these tabletop displays are simple to move, and you can even replace the menu inside in moments. So, if you’re hosting an event that calls for multiple courses or meals, Podia displays are a simple, effective, and cost effective way to display your menu.

Order Your Podia Tabletop Display Today

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a café, or an event, it’s imperative to have the right menu in order to increase sales and maximize customer happiness. For more information on getting your own Podia tabletop displays today, click here to contact us today for a free sample.

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