Podia is the unique, double-sided sign holder that can act as a tabletop display or as wall-mounted signage. Made of long-lasting polycarbonate, our displays are built to endure even the roughest conditions. It’s virtually indestructible. From countertop displays offering services in the hospitality industry to point-of-purchase promotions in restaurants and bars, Podia displays are widely used by a range of companies that want a no-hassle, cost-effective way to get their message out.

Podia has gotten a great about of interest and feedback. Ken Tsang says, “We love the Podia tabletop displays. Sleek and elegant way to communicate to our customers and much sturdier than old table tent solutions of the past!” Ken also uses Podia Displays as wall signs in the retirement home.

Podia Displays are not only used as tabletop displays. Ken Greschak, of Friendship Village in Kalamazoo, uses Podia Displays as wall signs in the retirement home. “We use the wall-mounted Podia Displays as internal way of finding signage. Our hallways are a maze of turns, and the signs provide easy-to-install and highly visible guides to both our campus visitors and newer residents as they learn their way around. Very satisfied.”

If you refer to a previous blog, we had shared with you all the ways Podia can be used to increase sales in restaurants and bars. Here’s a great example: Scott, the owner of a brewpub local to the home of Podia says “We’ve had the PODIA Menu Holder on all our tables – literally from the day we opened three years ago, and we’re very sure we see increased sales from them. Customers can easily check out our beer and wine lists and be ready to order and reorder when our servers arrive at the table. Also, we’ve never had one break!”

Podia can alos be used for things outside of the hospitality business. A loyal customer of ours, Dave Martin shared that “As a manufacturer and distributor of Superior Boat Docks, Ladders, Max boat lifts and a line of innovative composite dock parts, we found Consort’s Podia display product a perfect fit for many of our marketing needs.”

Thomas Mills used Podia to display his work in local stores and said, “I used PODIA capsules with images from my show, placing them throughout the building – as well as in selected retail locations nearby. The size and shape of this display makes it easy to place without taking up a significant amount of space. And yet they are highly noticed.”

Podia’s secret is that it perfectly fits standard 8.5” x 11” paper, right from your printer. Simply design your message in a two-column format, print, fold lengthwise and insert for instant 3-dimensional appearing display. It’s great for any occasion!


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