Podia Tabletop Display is a unique polycarbonate capsule that holds an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper that can be designed and printed yourself! The capsule extremely durable and dishwasher safe, making it a very popular item in the hospitality industry. Although Podia is very versatile and can be used in many ways, it is interchangeable and most commonly used in restaurants and bars as a table menu or promotional display.

A common trend throughout restaurants and bars is to have table tents on each table to display menus, specials, and promotions. However, the typical table tent is very susceptible to water damage, and often becomes damaged beyond repair. Luckily, Podia holds the paper in a capsule making it nearly indestructible. When a restaurant uses the Podia for a table menu, it’s an easy way to display their featured items in any type of fashion. Due to the interchangeable insert, it is very easy to dress your insert for any type of occasion. Podia Tabletop Display can add an elegant touch to a classy restaurant or a look of simplicity to your local restaurant or bar, with its clean lines and dark grey base.

One of the most interesting facts about the Podia Tabletop display is that of its ability to turn into a wall sign. This is great for bathroom signs and office signs. The Podia hangs horizontally out from the wall, which makes it pop and become very noticeable to the customer.

Finally, the hotel industry has adopted the idea of using Podia for room details, continental breakfast signs, and check-in details. The Podia are commonly placed in rooms for details such as check-out times, WIFI, and room service prices. Placing a Podia Display on the night stand, beside the bed, makes it easily accessible and visible for a customer, allowing guests to be certain of the details they need during their stay.

Because Podia has a completely interchangeable appearance, it’s a great idea to have multiple inserts in the capsule to fit your customer demographic and the occasion as quickly as possible. Podia’s secret is its simply designed two-column format that can be printed by you for any occasion!



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