When you’re shopping for tabletop displays for your restaurant, you want a product that makes your work life easier. Which product will stand up to the rigors of working with the public, will increase productivity, and is easy to work with? Podia is! Here are the top four reasons to choose our tabletop displays.

Durable. To begin with, tabletop displays run the risk of ending up on the floor both from patrons and busy staff. Our displays are so incredibly sturdy we’ve driven cars over them without damage. You don’t’ want a product in your brewery that will show chips or cracking every time it hits the deck. Check out our durability videos and you’ll be convinced about Podia durability.

Washable. Another key design component of our tabletop displays was that we knew they needed to be easy to clean. Our displays are easy to wipe down with warm soapy water to return them to their great look. These are made of a poly-carbonate plastic that is also used in restaurant quality plastic dishes. Some clients put them through a dishwasher, but results vary due to water hardness. We like microfiber cloths and mild dish soap the best.

Colorful. The Podia display is as colorful or sedate as you’d like it to be. Designed to hold a standard 8.5 x 11 inch page, they’re great for listing drink specials, draft beer choices, and desserts. Save time at the table for your servers when the customer can have their drink order ready quickly. Increase sales with photos of appetizers at the table. These colorful displays are eye catching and endlessly useful.

Changeable. Our sensible design makes it easy to change out the contents of your tabletop display on a regular basis. We chose a standard size because wanted to make your work as easy as possible. New kegs on tap? Addition to the menu? No problem, print out new inserts and let your customers know what’s available.

Contact us today to order your table top displays, your customers will thank you.

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