The Podia Image Capsule from Consort gives your bookstore retail signage that can improve the look of your store, direct customers, and make the whole process of sales faster. With the ability to be easily changed, your displays can be moved around to whatever you need for your store. The versatility, durability, and customizable nature of our displays makes them the best in the business for your store’s display needs.

Show your genres

Podia displays are visible and noticeable, meaning they are the perfect way for your bookstore to display genres. Typically, the first thing that people look for when entering a bookstore, displaying genres for your customers can be your ticket to a great experience for every customer, streamlining the shopping process for them. With the easy-to-change interior of Podia displays, any time you move around the store or want to freshen up how your displays look, you can do so with a simple switch of the 8.5” x 11” paper-insert.

Display your events

People love to know when authors they care about are visiting for a reading and book signing, and you can inform them of these events with our Podia displays. On your customer service desk, your checkout desk, or even a table for reading, you can put your displays in any highly trafficked area and be sure that people will notice the material printed on them.

Café specials

If your bookstore has a café attached to it, as many do, you can use our Podia displays to show what specials are currently running at the café’s tables. With the ability to theme the display however you want, you can make it colorful and full of character, so your customers notice them.

The two-sided sign holders from Podia are the best tabletop displays on the market for all your need-to-know information. Practically indestructible and easily customizable, check out Podia displays and see how we can help you today!

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