Whether we realize it or not, most places can benefit from Podia tabletop displays, and hotels are no exception. Almost everywhere uses signage of some variety, and the quality of signage used matters. Being used daily and handled frequently, the Podia tabletop display is virtually indestructible and made to last. If you manage a hotel that sees any amount of foot traffic, then you can be sure that Podia tabletop displays are the signage you need.

When guests enter

The concierge desk is always a great option as one of the many places you can place Podia tabletop displays to get people’s attention. By giving a welcome sign, information about your services, or contact numbers for local transportation, you can supply all the essential phone numbers that your guests need to have the best experience in your hotel.

In the room

When guests relax at any time of day in their room, Podia tabletop displays can benefit them. Some great options of what to place in rooms are contact numbers for room service and other hotel services, numbers of local pizza places and other food deliveries, or listings of local events and sites. By providing your guests with everything they need to feel welcome in a single, easy to read sign, their experience is guaranteed to impress and please.

At breakfast

If your hotel serves a complimentary breakfast, then Podia’s tabletop displays are the perfect way to display what is available to your guests. With a simple change of the 8.5” x 11” paper, you can change your menu along with your food with ease. If a sleepy guest accidentally knocks over a sign, don’t worry! The tabletop displays offered by Podia are practically indestructible and will be fine no matter how many times they may be knocked over or off a counter.

With the high visibility tabletop displays from Podia, you can share information with guests at your hotels in a simple and effective way. Easily changeable and easy to handle, Podia tabletop displays are the essential signs that you need.

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