When thinking of ways to improve advertising products and services with retail displays, Podia has the simple and efficient method that you’ve been looking for. Showing off what your business has to offer should be easy to do, and, with Podia’s retail displays, you can do just that. The small image capsule offered are sure to bring attention to your products and services while taking up almost no room.

The base

The Podia display image capsule is lightweight, non-obstructive, and durable. Practically indestructible, you can set your display almost anywhere without worry. The lightweight, clear body of the capsule allows you to display products and services on both sides of each capsule, maximizing the use of each Podia display.

The content

The beauty of Podia tabletop displays is that you control what content goes inside of them. Whether by using our custom insert design service or creating an insert on your own, the inner workings of your retail displays can have what you consider to be the most important thing to market displayed in them. By using a simple 8.5”x11” piece of paper, you can be on your way to directing guests toward the products and services you wish to push.

Displaying versatility

If you have items being displayed anywhere in your store, then you can almost certainly benefit from Podia retail displays. Thanks to the ability to insert any content into your Podia display, any store, no matter the products or services, can benefit from the noticeable, easy-to-use capsules. From bar menus to store section signs, Podia will direct attention where you want it.

Podia retail displays are the ideal signage for high-traffic areas because of their eye-catching, unique designs. With the ability to hold any creative design you or our team can come up with, Podia can help you increase sales today!

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