Everywhere that deals with food or drinks should have specials on the menu to entice visitors to try a limited-time dish, and you can encourage customers to try them using Podia tabletop displays. The first step to anyone trying something new like a winter special is knowing that they are available in the first place, and, with Podia tabletop displays, your guests will have an easy way to view them all in a neat list.

Drinks to enjoy

Whether it’s eggnog, wine, or your favorite seasonal craft brew, there are plenty of things that you can offer to guests to put them in the holiday spirit. By putting Podia tabletop displays front and center at every booth, bar counter, and table, you can bring attention to your winter drinks and significantly increase the chances of them grabbing one of your specials while they can.

Dishes for the season

Winter and the holidays have distinctive flavors that are associated with them, and if people are expecting them when they come to your establishment, you can give them a full, easy-to-read list of everything you have to offer. Podia’s tabletop displays make for a great way to show all your wonderful holiday dishes, from spiced hams to marshmallow yams.

Change for every holiday

The beauty of Podia tabletop displays comes in how easy it is to switch what you want to display. By simple printing your 8.5”x11” paper and replacing, you can keep up with every special that you need to for each holiday. Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner from one another, and, thanks to the ease of switching out your Podia stand’s info, you can have unique options for both.

Podia’s tabletop displays are the simple solution for all advertising needs. Nearly indestructible and easy to work with, there’s no better option on the market.

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