If your business regularly utilizes menus that pass through the hands of customers on a regular basis, consider Podia’s tabletop signage as a protective shell to help keep them clean. With COVID cases still present and more things opening up, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more can use Podia as a way to provide needed information of a menu without having to worry as much about maintenance or disinfecting the menus.

Limited options

During COVID, many restaurants have limited their menus because of less staffing, less inventory, or a combination of both, and Podia can give you the simplistic way to present what you have to offer at this time all in one place, all right at the table. The design of Podia allows it to sit on any bar top, dining table, and more without being intrusive on your guest’s space, all while providing them with the information they need to make a decision about what they want when they visit.

Easy maintenance

With things ever-changing this summer because of COVID, menus may need to be changed on a regular basis to accommodate things changing for your menu, and Podia makes these changes, as well as cleaning between each change, easy. By simply printing the menu that you wish to display on a piece of paper, you can change your menu in a matter of seconds without going through the process of lamination, hole-punching, and more. And, when the change has been made, or after a day of service, Podia tabletop signage can easily be wiped down, leaving zero chances of your staff or future customers catching anything that may be lingering on the menu from previous customers.

A unique, effective way for you to display menus all while COVID is a concern and beyond, Podia tabletop signage is your best way to provide information to customers coming into your business. Contact Podia today to get started on an order and get on your way to easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain menus!

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