If your public library has been thinking lately on ways to more easily guide guests through the shelves, a great solution for your space can be horizontal signage provided by Podia. Designed to be great for horizontal hanging use as well as tabletop use, the effective shell of Podia displays will help you to hold information or instruction for your guests so that they might more easily find the books or resources that they are looking for.

Alphabetical or topics

Podia are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to put signage up with whatever messaging you want. Whether you put a range of authors by last name on your shelves or subjects to guide guests to the topic that they are looking for books in, your Podia signage can effectively show everyone visiting where the books are that they need. And, whenever you want to switch the shelves around because of something like renovations, your signage can easily be changed out, or temporarily removed to be put up again once the changes are finished.

Use horizontal signage anywhere

Great for your shelves, guiding guests to community rooms, public restrooms, and more, the horizontal signage from Podia give you a variety of signage options with a single product. If you need signage for your front desk areas, you can even use Podia as tabletop signage to show guests upcoming events like author visits, special educational opportunities, and more. There’s no limit to what Podia can provide to you for easy-to-use signage, so take advantage of the great benefit that it offers your spaces by picking some up!

With a hook for easy wall mounting, the horizontal signage from Podia is your easy way to give guests information they need to navigate your library. Contact Podia today to learn more or to get started on an order for your space’s signage.

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