When you have young students that are coming into a classroom for the first time, Podia displays can be a great tool to help guide them to where things are within the classroom. Little ones may be nervous in their first few years of education, and you can help guide them to different areas of the classroom by giving them visual markers to remember where things are each day.

Use where you need

Because Podia can be used on walls, tables, and more, you can put them wherever you need to in your classroom. From the wall marking a coat area to a tabletop to show where arts and crafts supplies are at, Podia has a diverse set of uses that teachers can take advantage of to help guide young students. The setup of Podia is simple enough that teachers can very easily implement them into their annual routine of setting up their classroom how they need.

Get creative with Podia displays

When you set up Podia displays in the classroom, you can get as creative as you want! With the ability to easily swap out whatever message you have within your Podia display, you can change it with the seasons, change it each month for a fun, new look, or change it yearly to give your classroom a new look each time you come back. Whatever message you want to give to your students to help show them where parts of their room are, you can put into Podia with ease. Take a look through some of the examples of Podia products that others have done to see how you can push the limits of your display!

Podia displays give a classroom the tools it needs to help direct young students in an easy-to-use, and effective way. Contact us to learn more about how you can use Podia or to start on an order!

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