Because some products have been limited while COVID still runs its course, restaurants can benefit from Podia tabletop displays to show new limited menu items as sit-down locations reopen. We recently reopened restaurants for sit-down eating here in Michigan, and that means that your business can display your in-restaurant policies or new menu options while supplies are irregular. Podia cares about how we can best help our customers, and the tabletop displays we offer are a great option during this time.

Easy to clean for guests

Even though restaurants may be allowed to have guests within them again, areas still need to be sanitized effectively as possible as guests come and go to ensure everyone stays safe. Thanks to the dependable shell that each Podia tabletop display uses to show your information, menus can easily be wiped down and sanitized to ensure your guests are protected each time they visit. Simply wipe down the outer shell and it can be clean and good to go for the next customer coming through your doors.

Podia tabletop display versatility

As stock comes and goes during this time, you can easily change out your signage within your Podia tabletop display to ensure that guests are always up-to-date on what you have to offer. Simply print out menu changes as they occur on an 8.5”x11” piece of paper, designed how you want, and you can show your customers what you have available, when you have it available. Our customers love Podia tabletop displays for their versatility, so we are sure that your restaurant can find the perfect way to show menu updates when you invest in our signage.

A unique, durable, and effective way to show information to guests, your restaurant can easily change menus as stock changes due to COVID. Contact Podia soon to get yours ordered!

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