When you need quality tabletop signage displays that can be made how you want them, Podia tabletop displays offer the perfect solution. Capable of being modified in a variety of ways that can really make them fit your business, Podia can help you get information to your target audience in an effective way that ties your brand to your offerings.

Pick a color that matches

When you plan to bring Podia to your business, you can add color to it where it matters to keep even your signage on-brand. From putting your business’s logo front and center on the insert with your company’s colors to changing the stock color to a custom color of your choice, you can make Podia tabletop signage displays perfect for your business. If orders are 50 units or more, our design team will ensure that your base’s color is exactly what you are looking for to help it meet the aesthetic of your space. And, if you would rather, you can even paint the stock gray base to whatever color you need!

Imprint logos on tabletop signage displays

With Podia displays, you can not only color them to match your branding, but you can also have the flat part on each side of your Podia’s plastic base be imprinted with pad printing equipment. You can choose to do one side or both depending on how your displays sit, but either way, it can add one more thing to your signage to let others know that the messaging inside is related to your company. This can be a good tool for companies that host events, speakers, and more, so that those interested know who is behind the event that they are thinking of going to.

A unique tabletop signage display capable of a variety of custom options to make it work best for you, Podia can help your business get the word out on products, events, and more. Contact us to get started on an order today!

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