When you need a way to display information easily, Podia displays can be the perfect solution. Manufactured to provide tabletop signage solutions to businesses that wish to inform visitors or guests, Podia is easy to use, durable enough to last a lifetime, and versatile to suit your needs. We at Podia know that some may have interest in our product, but do not want to invest in it before they are ready, so we offer a free sample that anyone can take advantage of.

Only pay for shipping

If you pay shipping costs, Podia offers a free standard Podia display with a tabletop and wall base for you to try! A simple, cost-effective solution to finding the perfect signage, Podia can be your new way to get out information. If you have a reception desk, a dining table where guests sit, or a waiting room table where guests will be seated for long periods of time, you can get your free Podia and put it on these spaces to see how effective it is. Otherwise, the wall mount can be a great way to guide guests, provide information about your building’s rooms, and more.

Easy promotions with Podia displays

Because of the design of our Podia displays, you can have easy promotions that take little effort on your part while providing big payoffs. By simply printing a single sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper, you can put your offerings for a promotion within your Podia display for all to see. This can be a design as involved as needing a graphic designer or something as simple as a list of products typed out in Word. Whatever you decide on, the effort is minimal, and the effect is sure to be more people seeing the offers.

Always a great option for any business that has frequent promotions, Podia will give any high-traffic area a free sample of Podia when they pay shipping to have it delivered. See how Podia makes the difference by ordering one for yourself today!

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