If your business has public areas that see a lot of foot traffic, Podia tabletop displays can be a great way to share sanitation reminders with guests to your business to help keep everyone healthy. We still haven’t gotten past outbreaks of COVID, and, with news of other viruses on the rise and flu season just around the corner, sanitation reminders can be a great way to keep everyone mindful of others regarding public health.

With their versatile and functional design, Podia tabletop displays for sanitation can be used wherever you think will work best at reminding those who need it most.

Reminders for both guests and workers

With sanitation reminders from Podia tabletop displays, both guests and workers alike can get much needed signage to be mindful of others with public health. Whether you leave instructions within a Podia for employees who need to do a temperature reading before heading into work or leave helpful reminders for guests to wash hands and cover coughs or sneezes, signage can go a long way toward helpfully reminding everyone to be conscious of public health.

If your space is still practicing social distancing, Podia tabletop displays are also a great way to mark spaces that guests are not allowed to sit because of it. Respectful and helpful notices can work to guide them where they can stay while in your space, without causing an interruption in the workflow of the space.

The same easy inserts for Podia

Just like any other inserts that you choose from Podia, the sanitation reminders that our templates show are easily printable for inserting into your Podia tabletop displays. No matter what kind of signage you are interested in displaying, Podia’s easy-to-use design allows for simple swapping and inserts of all varieties to be put in as needed. This simplistic, but efficient design is one of the many reasons why our customers love Podia.

As viruses continue to dwindle in numbers, and your space loosens any restrictions it might have, you can easily swap out sanitation reminders back to normal messaging.

Built out of long-lasting polycarbonate, Podia displays will help you provide additional signing for sanitation as needed and allows you to easily repurpose the signage down the road. If you have high traffic areas that require additional signage for helpful sanitation reminders, contact Podia for tabletop displays today!

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