Where to Use Your Podia Displays

Here at Podia, we take pride in the many different ways our displays can be used. From bars to hotels to homes, Podia capsules are all-purpose signage for homes and businesses everywhere. That said, we always surprise our customers with how many ways there are to use them. We want to ensure that our customers […]

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How to Use Your Podia Tabletop Display to Sell, Sell, Sell

When it comes to bars and restaurants, there’s only one thing that matters just as much as floor space: table space. The more table space you have, the more customers you can seat and the better their experience is. However, table space is also the best place to entice customers with specials, drinks, and other […]

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Solutions for the Hospitality Industry: Podia Tabletop Displays

In the fast-paced and dynamic hospitality industry, effective communication is key to providing exceptional guest experiences. In this arena, Podia Tabletop Displays emerge as the smart solution, seamlessly addressing the diverse communication needs of restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Today, we’re diving into the versatile applications of Podia Tabletop Displays, showcasing how they contribute to […]

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Reuse, Adapt, and Profit from Podia Displays

Here at Podia Displays, we understand that marketing, branding, menus, and pretty much anything customer-facing about your business can be subject to change on the regular. With this fact of life in mind, we created the Podia Tabletop Display—cost-effective, efficient retail signage that adapts alongside your business’ changing needs and demands. In today’s blog post, […]

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Use Podia Displays Wherever You Need Them

Podia offers versatile displays that can be used for any number of applications around your business. Useful for everything from restaurant menus and hotel information to hallway signage and more, these displays are durable and can be reused and repurposed for whatever information you need them to display, making them a great, cost-effective investment. In […]

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Podia Wall Mount Display - Frankies Room

Check out Some Consort Podia Displays Reviews

At Consort, we provide a range of products and services to our customers. Some of our products include banners, modular display systems, digital imaging, pennant systems, and our podia displays. Our Podia Displays are made of durable polycarbonate and are designed for everyday use. They are ideal for tabletops, counters, point-of-purchase displays, and wall displays. […]

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Direct Students in Classrooms Using Podia Displays

When you have young students that are coming into a classroom for the first time, Podia displays can be a great tool to help guide them to where things are within the classroom. Little ones may be nervous in their first few years of education, and you can help guide them to different areas of […]

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Bring in Guests to Seasonal Events with Podia Displays

As we work our way through the rest of winter and into a new year of different seasons which bring different events, Podia displays can provide you with a way of advertising that is sure to bring in guests. An unobtrusive and effective way of displaying what you have going on throughout the year, Podia […]

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Present Autumn Specials and Events with Podia Displays

With fall upon us once again, it’s the perfect opportunity for almost any business to commit to advertising your specials, events, and more with Podia displays. A hardy, eye-catching method of displaying messages to your customer base, Podia displays are perfect for any business that sells anything to anyone. Easy to set up and built […]

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