Durable and Convenient Tabletop Displays

Consort Podia tabletop displays are both durable and convenient. With true endurance and flexibility, our displays are a gamechanger for businesses who need their displays to withstand rough environments, while also having ease of insert changings regularly. Our tabletop signage can withstand stains and drops more than the average laminated menu because of their durable […]

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Podia Provides Tabletop Signage All Over the Country

Podia can provide tabletop signage whether you are a bar owner, restaurant owner, or the owner of any other business that can benefit from having information put in an easy-to-use signage system. The perfect addition for open horizontal spaces such as end tables, coffee tables, bars, and more, Podia helps business owners all over the […]

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Display the New Normal with Tabletop Signage

With most things reopening now, even at limited capacity, social distancing regulations and recommendations make tabletop signage a great idea to get out relevant information for your business. Many things have had to go through different changes to stay in operation during this time, and Podia’s tabletop displays give the perfect signage to help visitors […]

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