Consort Podia tabletop displays are both durable and convenient. With true endurance and flexibility, our displays are a gamechanger for businesses who need their displays to withstand rough environments, while also having ease of insert changings regularly.

Our tabletop signage can withstand stains and drops more than the average laminated menu because of their durable design. Made with long-lasting polycarbonate, our displays are made to endure even the worst of conditions. If you take a look at our durability testing videos, you can see their basic indestructibility of our product. With our two column lay-out capsule, even when it is run over, it struggles to break. Now that is a resilient product!

Although Podia is exceptionally durable, proper care and use is still important to preserving its lifespan and preserving any rights under our warranty. We recommend washing it using mild dish soap and a soft cloth. If the product fails during normal use in the first year following delivery, please contact us to request relief under warranty.

Podia displays are convenient for most business types including hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, fast food, libraries, and retail. Our displays are not just for tables either, they can also be mounted on walls using the wall-mount hook that is molded directly onto the unbreakable base – which makes them perfect for any special events and even placing them in kids’ rooms. The display inserts are great to target point-of-sale purchases, impulse buying, and to show off sales, menus, weddings, event listings, promos, and product features. With our capsule and snap off base, these displays are not only versatile but are easy to use as well. The mount quickly snaps into position and is ready to use in minutes.

Not only are displays unique in their wide array of uses, but they can be customized too. The bases come in grey but are available for in custom colors and can have your logo printed on them for an additional cost. If you do not want to order a custom base, you can paint them yourself – we recommend using Krylon “Fusion for Plastic” spray paint for maximum durability.

Besides the standard tabletop/wall hang model, we have weighted, magnetic, and slatwall bases. Our weighted base it our second most popular base and is perfect for outdoor settings. The magnetic base is used for metal tables, excluding aluminum. The slatwall base fits most retail slatwall dimensions for changeable horizonal signs.

Contact Consort Podia Displays to purchase them for your business or special event!

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