With most things reopening now, even at limited capacity, social distancing regulations and recommendations make tabletop signage a great idea to get out relevant information for your business. Many things have had to go through different changes to stay in operation during this time, and Podia’s tabletop displays give the perfect signage to help visitors know the current rules and regulations that your business asks of them.

Individual distancing rules

With businesses being reopened and allowed to let guests in within certain regulations, your business can inform guests about what exactly they need to do when they come through your doors with effective tabletop signage. Capable of being put on welcome desks, lobby entrances, and more, the Podia tabletop display is a noticeable way to print your rules and regulations at this time for your guests. This way, they know what is expected of them, and you have a printed way to reinforce any rules that you enforce.

New hours

If you’ve got space outside your front doors for the Podia magnetic wall base, you can display new hours that your business must abide by during this time. The noticeable signage from Podia is the best way to help you get your message out to your customers or business partners when they visit. And, with the ability to change your message inside with a simple swap-out of the paper insert, you can change hours as the world’s virus situation changes, as well as display your company’s branding in whatever way you need to.

Whether you’re displaying services available at this time for the hospitality industry or showing limited menu or hours for a restaurant, Podia’s tabletop signage is the best solution for your need to get the message out during this time and into the future. Easy to use and with durability to last you for years to come, order your Podia tabletop displays today!

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