Uses for PODIA capsules are limited only by the imagination. That means there are many, many great places and opportunities to make effective use of this display capsule – that’s why we keep making more! And that’s great for all of us.

“Prior to a showing of my digital images, I needed a simple, affordable way to attract attention and draw people to the Saniwax gallery in the Park Trades Center in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I used PODIA capsules with images from my show, placing them throughout the building – as well as in selected retail locations nearby. The size and shape of this display makes it easy to place without taking up a significant amount of space. And yet they are highly noticed.

I printed my images, folded, inserted and delivered each display. It was fast, easy and I didn’t need to worry about breakage.

The response was great! People easily recognized my work and mentioned seeing these displays all over town in the weeks leading up to my show.”

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