Our PODIA capsules are quickly becoming popular with breweries, brewpubs and bars because they’re durable, easily changed (daily) and because they inspire patrons to pick out their next brew or other beverage before they’re done with the one in hand.

Simple and easy, right?! Here’s a testimonial from a brewpub not far from where we manufacture the capsules:

“We’ve had the PODIA Menu Holder on all our tables – literally from the day we opened three years ago, and we’re very sure we see increased sales from them.

Customers can easily check out our beer and wine lists and be ready to order and reorder when our servers arrive at the table. Also, we’ve never had one break!”

Scott adds, “The capsules also make the servers more efficient by minimizing the very common questions, such as, “What’s on tap?” and “Anything new? What’s the Railside Red Ale like?” With PODIA, the daily beer list can be printed and displayed in a two-sided, unbreakable capsule to detail the type of beer, cost, alcohol percent and all the information needed to help customers make quick, informed decisions.”

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