Here’s a quick story that made us laugh out loud!

Podia image capsules are engineered to be tough… to withstand the rigors of daily use in high traffic areas. And, as you’ve likely seen, we have a number of videos on our website that showcase the durability of our Podia table displays. We’ve driven cars over them, had elephants step on them and tossed them onto hard pavement from the roof of our building. In all cases, the current Podia models survive the abuse and live to display another day.

But, before Podia’s 2006 design – from clear polycarbonate – there was another model. This model, while terrific in all respects, didn’t offer the same level of durability as the newer models. It wasn’t built to stand up to over-the-top demonstrations like, you know, being stepped on by a giant pachyderm.

Now, to the brunt of our story! A while back we were at a tradeshow, showing off the durability of Podia to a bright, energetic fellow. This fellow – a relative who shall remain nameless (Jason Whitmore) – was very impressed with the design. A few days later, while in his office in downtown Kalamazoo, he saw some of our Podia tabletop displays in use and, looking to impress his coworker asked, “Have you seen how durable these things are?” Naturally, the coworker hadn’t and, Jason, seeking to add a little excitement to the day snapped up the display and absconded to an adjacent room.

Rearing back, he threw the display down onto the room’s hard tile floor, expecting it to bounce back, undamaged. However, he wasn’t aware that his business was using the older version of Podia and, unfortunately, that version wasn’t designed with the same level of durability as the current models. Shattering into a million pieces, he was shocked! “Boy, was I surprised and was my face red!” he said before scooping the pieces up and slinking back to work!

As they say, don’t try this at home… unless you’re using the current models of our Podia tabletop displays, that is! If that’s the case, park your car on it, play baseball with it, or use it to hammer in nails. To end this story on a happy note, I have since congratulated Jason, treated him to lunch and replaced his workplace’s old Podia displays with our newer, more durable models.

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