Podia’s simple, but effective design gives your establishment a source of the perfect tabletop signs. Podia tabletop displays are nearly indestructible, noticeable, and your surefire way to get customers to view specials, drinks, desserts, and more. By following simple instructions or by getting us to craft the perfect insert, you can get tabletop displays that represent your business and push the products that you want to sell.

Designer’s landscape

Our podia tabletop signs make it easy for designers to digitally craft the perfect display for your business. Whether they have experience with Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, or another digital art program, a designer working for or contracted by you can make the perfect layout that can easily be inserted into our display.

An easy solution

If you’re a restaurant, bar, or something else that might only need to put text on your design for your tabletop sign, you can do so using Microsoft word with ease. We provide the steps on our site to show you how to format a simple piece of paper to be inserted into the Podia tabletop sign. Anything else you want to add inside of it is up to you! Let your imagination soar and make the perfect design for your business.

Always an answer

Here at Podia, we like to make sure you have any resources you need to guarantee your tabletop signs turn out perfectly. So, in case you don’t have someone, or don’t have the time to design an insert yourself, Podia offers a custom design and printing service. We have made inserts for restaurants, public events, sports organizations, and more! No matter what you need to advertise, Podia can help you design it and make it a reality.

When you need high visibility, you can get it with Podia’s tabletop signs. Simple to use and long-lasting, you can use your Podia again and again.

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