How to Use Your Podia Tabletop Display to Sell, Sell, Sell

When it comes to bars and restaurants, there’s only one thing that matters just as much as floor space: table space. The more table space you have, the more customers you can seat and the better their experience is. However, table space is also the best place to entice customers with specials, drinks, and other […]

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3 Ways Podia Displays Attract Customers and Increase Sales

If you own a restaurant, bar, or pretty much anything in food service, then you know how important drink sales can be for both you and your customers. The thing is, though, that menus and retail signage strategies haven’t changed much for most restaurant and bar owners over the past century. Sitting down at a […]

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Podia Display’s Custom Insert Design Service

For years, podia tabletop displays have been providing restaurants and other businesses with clear, informative retail signage. Thanks to the innovation of the podia design, our tabletop models are widely regarded as one of the best displays for grabbing customer attention and converting curiosity to a sale. Even so, we understand that our displays aren’t […]

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Optimize Your Winter Menu with Podia Displays

With the winter coming up, it’s time to optimize your menu for the holiday season. Holidays are the perfect time to offer customers drinks specials such as themed Halloween mixes, eggnog cocktails, and all sorts of other wonderful creations. The only problem is this: with so many options coming in and out of season so […]

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Diversify Your Retail Signage with Podia Displays

When it comes to getting customers and potential customers to interact with your business, it’s often best to give them as many avenues to engage with your services as possible. Just by giving people the option to request your goods or services, they’re more likely to follow up on a purchase. Thus, by increasing points […]

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Try a Free Sample of Podia Displays for Your Kalamazoo Business

Believe it or not, the market for retail signage is highly competitive. There’s a problem with most retail signage companies, though; it’s tough to find one that lets you try it before you buy it. Here at Podia displays, we believe in the old way of trying something before you spend money on the product […]

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Reuse, Adapt, and Profit from Podia Displays

Here at Podia Displays, we understand that marketing, branding, menus, and pretty much anything customer-facing about your business can be subject to change on the regular. With this fact of life in mind, we created the Podia Tabletop Display—cost-effective, efficient retail signage that adapts alongside your business’ changing needs and demands. In today’s blog post, […]

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How Podia Displays Help Keep Your Bar or Restaurant Clean

Moreso than most industries, it’s critical to keep a restaurant clean. Keeping a restaurant clean is central not just to the customer experience, but also to the health and safety of both the service staff and the customer. Even so, it’s important to recognize that it can feel like an impossible task to keep a […]

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The Many Ways to Use Podia Displays

Podia is designed for simplicity, aesthetic attraction, and easy use. Even so, never let it be said that Podia displays are limited in their uses; in truth, Podia displays are made with versatility in mind. However, we recognize that the many ways we see Podia displays used might not be as clear to someone who […]

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Easily Adapt to Any Menu Change with Podia Displays

If you’re in the food service industry, then you’re probably familiar with the many headaches that come with changes to your menu. Even more so, changing up your food or drink menu while trying to maintain a strong aesthetic can be even more difficult. Luckily, Podia displays offers a solution to both of these problems. […]

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