One of the best parts of Podia tabletop displays is their ability to be used almost anywhere! We value the versatility in our design and ensure that no matter what business you’re in, you can likely find a use for our tabletop display. Always looking to help clients bring in more business, the Podia tabletop display can be your go-to advertisement tool.

What’s on tap

Bars, breweries, and distilleries are a great location for Podia due to the nature of the business. People are always looking around for where your drink menu might be, and, with a Podia tabletop display, you can have the list presented right in front of them, whether it’s at a bar, high-top table, or booth. Daily specials, your tap list, and any other specialty drinks you make are all great options to encourage another round for a table.

Push sales

Retail is another market that can benefit from Podia displays, through effective placement and eye-catching inserts. Everyone loves sales, and you can advertise to your shoppers where yours are at through placement of a horizontal Podia display. By making a colorful insert or having our design team help you create the perfect sale sign, you’re sure to direct buyers and increase sales of the products you have on sale.

Hospitality ensured

Hotel rooms and lobbies are yet another example of who Podia tabletop displays can benefit. Perfect for letting guests know what services are provided, important phone numbers they may need in their rooms, or giving important information such as breakfast time, check in-out times, Podia displays are your dependable resource for hotels. With the simple insert process, you can change information provided to your guests with ease.

As a dependable and unique two-sided holder of information, Podia’s tabletop display system is perfect for almost any business. With the only limitation on inserts being your imagination, see what great advertising tools you can come up with for Podia tabletop display today!

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