With almost no limits to their usefulness, Podia tabletop displays are a great way for you to market signage to potential clients. When they purchase and use Podia tabletop displays, individuals and businesses alike can benefit from the effective, easy-to-use, Podia signage system. By becoming a provider of Podia, you become a provider of some of the best table display methods in business.

What we offer

When you choose to become a reseller of Podia tabletop displays, you have different choices of what you can offer. Options are 25-capsule bulk packs with no counter display, a 15-capsule counter display, or a 25-capsule hang-tab pack with our weighted base, magnet base, and slat wall base available for each by special order. Whether you’re a bigger store that can use bulk packs or are a smaller store that would rather have a counter display to offer, Podia can provide the options that best work for you to start offering the best tabletop displays.

Custom inserts sell

Want to encourage buyers to make the purchase of our tabletop displays? You can set up one as an example to show how a simple plain sheet of paper can be made into the perfect sign display! Simply print out the design you want on your sheet of paper and insert into the Podia display, and your customers will see how easy it is to craft tabletop sign that is noticeable and customizable.

Unmatched durability

Not only can Podia serve you as one of the best customizable signage options available, but it is also nearly indestructible! Tested against gravity, heavy impacts, general handling, and more, the Podia tabletop display system can be used over and over without fear of it breaking.

Podia can give you a unique and effective product to sell to any customers in need of a simple way to advertise events, products, specials, and more. Fill out a request form to become a reseller today!

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