Podia’s tabletop displays are invaluable to anywhere that has people sitting who could benefit from information being presented right in front of them. From prices to written word, you can provide a way for visitors to your business a way of getting the information they need without requiring them to request it.

Happy hours

Almost everywhere has specials that they offer, and, if you have adult beverages, happy hours can be a great way to bring in business during times of the day that are usually on the slower side. By slipping your themed insert into a Podia tabletop display, you can put drink specials and more in a place that’s noticeable for every table or bar stool. And, thanks to the simple design, you can switch out your happy hour times or offerings whenever you need to!

How healthy

Diets and health trends seem to always be coming and going, and one easy way you can display vegetarian options, vegan options, and more, is with a Podia display. These guests may appreciate when they don’t have to scour the rest of your menu to find the options available for them, and, by having these offerings available, you open up your business to that specific demographic and solidify yourself in that person’s mind as a place they can depend on for options to eat.

Hosted events

Another great way to bring in crowds is by hosting special events or specials. From live music to holiday meals, having special days at your business can bring in more of a crowd for a day, and potentially make a lasting memory enough to bring in more regulars. And, whenever your list runs out, simply print future ones and make the switch!

Podia tabletop displays are the simple and effective solution for any business to get out information. Contact us today to see how Podia can help your business!

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