As we work our way through the rest of winter and into a new year of different seasons which bring different events, Podia displays can provide you with a way of advertising that is sure to bring in guests. An unobtrusive and effective way of displaying what you have going on throughout the year, Podia displays give guests a simple method of discovering your upcoming events in a readable, easy-to-use format.

Use color

When displaying events, you can encourage a visitor’s eye to be drawn to your Podia display using effective colors. Contrasting bright and dark colors, creating enticing optical effects, and more can help your Podia display get noticed and encourage a visitor to view the information within. Whether it’s patterns, borders, or using a different color for a specific event for contrast, you have many techniques at your disposal with color and your Podia display to bring attention to upcoming events.

Place smartly

Where you put your Podia display is just as important, if not more so, than what you put into it. Whether they’re on your check-out counter for a retail store, at tables in your café, or at desks in your library, it’s always a good idea to put Podia displays in places where many of your guests will be filtering through. You can do yourself the favor of improving the chance of eyes being set upon your events by placing it where they may be looking. And, if you place them where customer service is also handled, they can be used as a great talking point to guests to push events while providing them with the visual aid of a Podia display.

Podia displays are the highly versatile, durable displays that you can depend on to show your events that you have going on throughout each season every year. To learn more tips about how to use Podia or the services we can provide with them, contact us today!

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