Whether you have a food stall, food truck, or any other mobile food apparatus, Podia tabletop displays can assist you by providing a trustworthy and useful menu that is easy to take on the road. As a unique, double-sided sign holder, a Podia tabletop display can reach your guests and inform them of what you have to offer them.

Table ready

Podia tabletop displays have their name for a reason, and it’s thanks to their tabletop base that makes them ready to display on any horizontal surface. So, if you provide any small seating area for your mobile food methods, you can place menus them to give customer quick access to everything you have to offer! The two different sides available allow you to put the menu on one side, while something like your branded logo or colors on the other, so people know who to see to receive delicious food.

Built for use

If you’re on the road or even setting up locally day after day, it pays to have a menu holder as strong as Podia tabletop displays. Constructed from durable, long-lasting polycarbonate, Podia displays are practically indestructible! This material makes them perfect for an outdoor style serving location, as they can be brought in and out, accidentally knocked around, and more without breaking.

Replace as needed

By sliding out your current menu and printing a new one on 8.5” x 11” paper, you can quickly switch out what you have to offer and when! Perfect for special weekend events where you may be serving specialties, adding new menu items, and more, the system used by Podia tabletop displays is designed to make the process of creating the perfect tabletop sign easy.

The Podia image capsule is the perfect solution to retail, signage, table menus, and more! To see how it could help your business, contact us today!

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