With virus concerns still present and stay at home orders still issued, businesses may be starting to struggle, but it’s once this has all passed that Podia tabletop displays can help you bring back business. Whether you have regulars who will happily come back through your doors again once they’re open or new customers looking to finally be out of the house after so many weeks spent inside, you can advertise whatever you want with Podia’s displays to encourage purchases, attendance, and more.

Encourage specials

A noticeable way to promote specials in diners, bars, restaurants, and more, Podia Tabletop Displays can push sales of these by putting them front and center at your customers’ tables. With business down at the moment due to statewide closures of businesses because of virus concerns, having ways to advertise your more “hot ticket” items can be a great way to start making up for the losses that your business may have suffered during downtime.

Reusable option

Compared to what you may spend on limited-use products like printouts, signage, or other advertisement tool with a short-term use, Podia tabletop displays are the perfect, reusable shell for what you want to advertise that can be used again and again. By simply printing what you want displayed on a 8.5”x11” piece of paper, you can print whatever specials, events, and more you want to advertise, with all the proper branding included. Podia displays are also nearly indestructible and dishwasher safe, so when you invest in Podia, you invest in a way to advertise far into the future.

Ideal for any high-traffic areas in businesses, Podia tabletop displays can be the perfect advertising tool to bring in more business for you once virus concerns have passed. We’re still accepting online orders and will address them for processing as we can with the shutdowns. Contact a sales representative today to get started with your order or learn more!

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