COVID-19 has caused many businesses to have to change some of their information about visiting that they can share more easily through the use of Podia Tabletop Displays. Requirements or recommendations for social distancing can often be unknown for visitors during this uncertain time, and Podia is a great tool to help keep your visitors informed about what they need to do to respect your businesses current policies.

Travelling updates

Because some people still have to travel for work and stay at hotels in the process, Podia can be a great way to keep your guests up to date about how they should be following guidelines while spending the night. Perfect to keep at a guest services counter or at tables in your rooms, Podia can get the message out to travelers to help them go about their business without making things more difficult for your business in the meantime. And, even when COVID-19 is long gone, Podia tabletop displays will still provide an excellent way for you to provide information to guests about local restaurants or events, pool hours, important phone numbers, and more!

Updated menus

Because of reduced staff or inability to acquire ingredients during the time of COVID-19, some restaurants, bakeries, and more may have to change their menus to reflect what they are able to offer. Podia tabletop displays give you the resource you need to easily show visitors what is available to them without needing to excessively ask servers at your venue. They are a great way to offer up information that doesn’t include contact with your staff, so both your customers and your staff can be pleased by providing information with little contact.

Nearly indestructible and simple to utilize, Podia tabletop displays can be the perfect tool for you to get out new information as businesses begin to open back up. Contact us today to learn how Podia can help you!

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