Use our Consort Podia Sign Holders Anywhere You Need Them

We have the best Podia sign holders and services at Consort Podia Displays that our customers require to represent their business in a convenient, easy-to-use, and reliable way. This is where our Podia Displays come in – a durable display that is both flexible and maneuverable. When you need to showcase a special or event, […]

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Become a Reseller for Consort Podia Image Capsules!

At Podia Display, we provide a reseller option for customers that are looking to join the Consort team and are interested in selling Podia Image Capsules. We offer a bundle deal and additional information for the best way to sell our products. We are ready to address all your reselling needs and can offer components […]

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Make Book Browsing Easier with a Maneuverable Display

Consort Podia Displays are versatile and can be used in almost any setting, including libraries and bookstores! These displays can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically, as well as used as tabletop displays. With the wide range of display possibilities, our image capsules are perfect for showing customers where the book they are looking for […]

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Spruce up your Lobby with Podia

When hotels invest in Podia Tabletop Displays, they see an increase in guests using services available through their business. Restaurants, retail outlets, spa packages; make sure your guests have the information they need to enjoy all of the features of your hotel. From the check-in counter, to the room itself, Podia displays advertise valuable information throughout […]

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Showcase your Specials this Season with a Podia Display!

During the holiday season, tabletop displays need to represent the atmosphere whether through limited time offers, event schedules, and more. Podia, the nearly indestructible signage for tables, allows for custom inserts to be easily inserted and removed at your convenience. So, during the business of the season where holidays are coming and going – events […]

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Bump up your Beer list with Podia Displays!

Consort Podia Displays are a great option for restaurants, bars, and breweries alike. With extensive beer lists, it can be hard to memorize them all and even harder to pull them up mentally when a customer asks. To help with this, try putting your list on a Podia Display. Podia Tabletop Signs are becoming more […]

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Test Signage with a Free Sample of Podia Displays

When you need a way to display information easily, Podia displays can be the perfect solution. Manufactured to provide tabletop signage solutions to businesses that wish to inform visitors or guests, Podia is easy to use, durable enough to last a lifetime, and versatile to suit your needs. We at Podia know that some may […]

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Bring in a Fresh Wave of Seasonal Dining with Podia Displays

Many of us have gotten tired of sitting inside and are ready to make our way to our favorite family restaurants, fine dining, and more, and these establishments can prepare for an influx of people with Podia displays. As vaccines start to roll out for COVID, and businesses start recovering back to normal, we are […]

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