Consort Podia Displays are a great option for restaurants, bars, and breweries alike. With extensive beer lists, it can be hard to memorize them all and even harder to pull them up mentally when a customer asks. To help with this, try putting your list on a Podia Display. Podia Tabletop Signs are becoming more and more popular with these types of establishments for a variety of reasons.



No special tools or software required. All you need to do is place the capsule over the base on a solid, flat surface and firmly press capsule into the base until it snaps into position. Once the four snaps are seated on the base, you fold your paper and pop it into the capsule. Spread the sides of the paper apart so they fill the capsule walls, and it is ready to be displayed.


Check out some of our demo videos! Not only are Podia Displays stain resistant, but they are drop resistant too. Made on tough polycarbonate, these can withstand being dropped from high points and, even, from being run over by a car. Which means they can handle what any mischievous customer may do.


Every standard Podia Display and Signage Capsule comes with a built-in wall-mount hook molded onto the base for easy wall mounting. So, you have the choice of tabletop, wall-mounted displays, or both! Our bases also come as weighted or magnetic, to keep your displays from toppling over in windy, outdoor environments.


Easy layout that you can print, fold, and insert into the display. With our easy to design inserts, you have the ability to change your displays at the drop of a hat. Making it easy to add new beer specials or updated lists to keep your customers engaged every day. Not a design artist? We offer custom inserts as well, either from our stock images or created by our team of graphic designers.


Our standard base pricing is based on the quantity you order, so the more you purchase, the less it is per display. Each bulk order is based on the individual pricing of $9-$12.95 per standard base display. For weighted or magnetic bases, it is between $16.95-$18.95 per display. Thinking in terms of longevity, these displays will reduce further menu or lamination costs due to their easy reusability.

Interested in Podia Display to showcase your beer lists? Contact us today for a free sample!


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