Consort Display Group offers Podia tabletop displays in addition to our other products. Our other products include Abstracta modular systems and furniture, BannerFlex banner brackets, DisplayOne, Dori Pole pennant systems, and more. Consort is a global, design-oriented manufacturer that was founded in 1983 by architect, Roger Lepley. We aim to help companies promote and attract attention for their upcoming events. We have expanded our product lines to meet growing demand. Read on about our tabletop signage, banners, and more.

Podia Tabletop Displays

Our Podia tabletop displays are great for a variety of areas and showcasing. Designed for everyday use, Podia tabletop signage are durable and easy to see. With its polycarbonate double-sided capabilities, these signs can be used in almost any setting to show specials, events, menus, and more. Consort Podia Display wants to provide our customers with the best products to market their business. From countertop displays to wall displays, Podia does it all. Not only do our Podia displays last, but they are also easy to use. Make your own inserts and pop off the removable base to change your menu or specials whenever you want.

Other Products from Consort

In addition to our Podia tabletop displays, we also sell other marketing systems on Consort. Click here to view them. Some of our other products include modular systems, furniture, banner brackets, pennant systems, and more.  For artist exhibits, retail fixtures, museum displays, home staging elements, and trade show displays – our modular systems work best. Consort Display Group’s banner bracket hardware can withstand up to 100 miles per hour wind force. They also mount to poles and walls and come in a range of sizes and colors for your custom desires. With our pennant flags and bird deterrents, you reach more clients. You can advertise your upcoming sale, show your team spirit, and increase attendance at your festival.

We have hundreds of stock banners but also have an in-house graphic design team that can cater to the custom designs your business requires. With our banners and marketing materials, your business is sure to get noticed. At Consort Display Group, we take pride in having the best options in signage and banners for our customers. We do a variety of services as well, so if you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions. You may also request a catalog! We look forward to you joining the Display Group community.

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