Podia tabletop display is a unique image capsule and wall sign. Although the display is easy to use, there are a few helpful tips that help increase a restaurants sale. With Consort Podia Display, we have the right signs and marketing tools to showcase the specials and events you need to get out. From waterproofing to durability, Podia tabletop and wall displays are the flexibility and longevity you need for your brochures and menus.

Marketing Tips from Podia

When placing your signs for specials, do not make the mistake of setting it next to the condiments, especially in a restaurant setting. Although this does decrease the odds of the customer having to physically touch the display, it also makes them less likely to read the material. Instead, place your Podia display at the front or middle of your table. This gives your customers a place to read it while they are waiting for their food. It is eye grabbing and they are more likely to notice it.

Another helpful marketing tip is to take professional photos of your food. When a customer can see it visually, they are more enticed to want to order that specific meal. This works especially well if your restaurant is running a special. With this, increase gift card sales by displaying them to customers during their meal. Display your gift card promotion in a Podia capsule placed at each table, or on the bar, and sit back and watch your increase!

Lastly, consider using target marketing by placing several different inserts in one Podia so that it is quickly interchangeable to any audience that enters your restaurant. This makes the display easy to change and allows the message to accommodate any audience that enters your restaurant. These tips will be very helpful in making your Podia display help increase your restaurants sales. It also makes it convenient for employees to use for rotating specials.

Podia is great for displaying menus, promotions, and special events going on in the restaurant. Podia is always useful in even the most basic ways. Though, if a restaurant can pinpoint the method to its madness, sales will start sky rocketing! When choosing a display for your specials and menus, choose our durable and flexible display, the Podia display.

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