If you’re in the food service industry, then you’re probably familiar with the many headaches that come with changes to your menu. Even more so, changing up your food or drink menu while trying to maintain a strong aesthetic can be even more difficult. Luckily, Podia displays offers a solution to both of these problems. The Podia tabletop display excels at solving these issues thanks to its exceptional ability to draw the eye while being uniquely simple to design pleasing menus for.

Easy Use and Maintenance

Living in a post-pandemic world, a new emphasis on sanitation has risen to the front of the public consciousness. To help ensure that businesses like yours have an easy time maintaining cleanliness, Podia is here to replace the standard, multi-page menu that is so difficult to reliably clean. Unlike an average menu, which would require every page being cleaned between each use, the Podia tabletop display can easily be wiped down with disinfectant in just a few seconds. Additionally, only one per table is necessary, as multiple people can read from it at once without hassle. To use the Podia tabletop display, you only need to snap the plastic capsule into the base, slide in a folded 8.5” x 11” paper lengthwise, and place it where you feel it will do its job best. For more detailed instructions on how to use the Podia tabletop display, check out our easy 1-page guide here.

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

The design of the Podia display is purposefully constructed to be both aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive to anyone with a Podia at their table. Thanks to this design, making your menu fit in with your business’ overall aesthetic has never been easier. To make the design process even easier, we even offer step-by-step instructions on making your own Podia display graphic using both Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign®. If you’d rather outsource, though, we here at Podia Displays will even create your graphic for you for only a small fee. For $25, we will create a Podia graphic to your specifications; we even guarantee one free revision if you feel you would like to take your display in a different direction.

If you’re interested in making your menu draw customers’ attention and keep firm hold of it, reach out to us today to purchase your first Podia. Or, if you’d rather try it before you buy it, we offer a free sample to every first-time customer. Contact us here to get your hands on your first, free Podia.

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