Podia is designed for simplicity, aesthetic attraction, and easy use. Even so, never let it be said that Podia displays are limited in their uses; in truth, Podia displays are made with versatility in mind. However, we recognize that the many ways we see Podia displays used might not be as clear to someone who hasn’t worked with us or purchased a Podia display in the past. For that reason, today’s blog post will focus on the variety of ways that you can use podia displays to enhance your home or business.

Podia Tabletop Displays

Perhaps the most well-known use of Podia displays are as tabletop displays—and for good reason. Podia displays are designed to be easy to replace the contents inside them, making them ideal for restaurants and bars with rotating menus or new house specials. By the same token, Podia displays are ideal for any business seeking to use menus that can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Where your average paper booklet menu can take quite a bit of time to thoroughly disinfect, Podia displays are easy to clean. Booklet-style menus must be cleaned page by page, and have a large amount of surface area that needs to be covered. By contrast, Podia tabletop displays can be thoroughly disinfected in a matter of seconds, making them ideal for any business where cleanliness is key.

Podia as Retail Signage

If you already have your restaurant or bar menus sorted, then we strongly recommend taking a look at Podia as a solution to your retail signage needs. Podia’s unique design not only makes our signs uniquely strong as tabletop displays, but as horizontal point-of-purchase signs as well. By horizontally attaching a Podia display to a shelf, pole, or other surface, you can effectively yet unobtrusively catch the eye of any customer shopping at your place of business.

Podia as Wall Signs

If you’re not selling something but, instead, managing a business or running a household, then Podia displays are uniquely situated to aid in your need for wall signs. In businesses, Podia displays are ideal for offices where clear signage is necessary for potential customers or clients to find their way around. Additionally, Podia’s design makes branding ideal if you’d like to use logos to further establish your company’s identity. If, instead, you’re head of a large household, Podia displays are perfect for kids who want to make to make their own wall signs with their names on them.

If you’re interested in using Podia displays to solve your tabletop, retail, and wall signage needs, contact us today to get your first set of Podia image capsules. Or, if you’d like to try it before you buy it, reach out to us here to request a free sample!

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