For years, podia tabletop displays have been providing restaurants and other businesses with clear, informative retail signage. Thanks to the innovation of the podia design, our tabletop models are widely regarded as one of the best displays for grabbing customer attention and converting curiosity to a sale. Even so, we understand that our displays aren’t what’s truly important to your customers—it’s the information they find inside of them. With that in mind, there’s certainly an art to making a compelling insert for your podia display. From the graphics you use to the font you write in, every decision you make for your menu or other custom design has an impact on what customers and potential customers will buy.

Even so, we know that it can feel like an impossible task to make your custom insert just right. For that reason, we wanted to take this month’s blog post to discuss the custom insert design services we offer, and how you can go about making your perfect insert at home.

Custom Insert Design Services

If you, like many, don’t feel confident in creating your own design, then you should know that our team is fully capable of making you an eye-catching and appealing insert for a low price. For only $25.00 per design, we’ll make a custom insert and provide minor revisions based on your impressions.  Depending on any mockups you give us and the content you’d like added to the insert, we’ll create a design that works for you. If you own any pictures that you’d like added to the design, simply send them over to us and we’ll add them as you see fit. Or, if you’re in need of images, our experts will comb through Adobe’s stock images collection and recommend images that work best for your needs. Once an image is chosen, we’ll license it for only $4 each. For more information on our custom design services and to view custom retail signage we’ve made in the past, click here for more information.

Designing Your Own Inserts

If you feel confident you know what you want out of your inserts and know how to make it happen, then our team encourages you to create your own. Podia tabletop displays are designed not only for easy reading by customers, but also for easy design by creators such as yourself. That’s why we provide information on this site for creating your own appealing retail displays. If you’re working on an essential system liked Microsoft Word to create your design, then click here. Or, if you’re working on a more expansive service like Adobe InDesign, click here.

Are you interested in retail signage that not only catches the attention of your customers, but also allows for creation of new designs? If so, then podia tabletop displays may be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for more information.

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